1. Photograph your letters

Don’t do chores at home. Our app is streamlined to make photographing documents quick and easy.

2. Your email arrives

Within minutes your document arrives as a PDF with the text extracted. It’s ready to copy and paste and search too.

3. Yours forever

Enjoy peace of mind you can always search and find your documents later.

Lets meet the app

Our free app couldn’t be any simpler! There is only one page!
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Read what people are saying below

“So many letters want you to go online to take action, whether it’s your TV license, your council tax or more. I snap my letters at home and deal with it on my lunch breaks at work when I’m actually in front of a computer. Life is easier this way.”

“So many documents are important to keep these days but space is limited. If I scan everything then I don’t have to stress about losing things or forgetting to action them! I can just rely on Gmail’s search features to look up correspondence later.”

“I’m motivated to find a better electricity provider. This lunchtime I can fill in websites like “CompareTheMarket” and when I do, I can quickly recall my annual KWh electricity price plan by referring to the letters from my old provider! It’s so empowering to get on and do those things at times that suit me!”

“I photograph books in the library that I may want to use as references later.”

“It’s great Mailsnapper doesn’t require any usernames or passwords or hosts my documents in places I don’t trust. Knowing they’re in my own email account provides me peace of mind.”

Our app is completely free! Scan your documents today and see how Mailsnapper makes your life much less stressful.