Application updates

6th March 2019

No client application changes in over 6 months and little need to. We continue to maintain the product, monitor it and apply security patches. Application uptime has been above 98%. Mailsnapper was initially a for-profit venture with a free “credits” for new users but will remain free and unlimited until at least 2021. We kindly ask our users rate our app in the app store.

3rd October 2019

We now support significantly longer and larger documents than we previously did.

22nd August 2019

A collection of small bugfixes in today’s release:

  • When editing your email address the iPhone app selects the “email keyboard” (which has @ on the first page).
  • Put the date in the email subject line to stop Gmail specifically grouping all Mailsnapper emails into one massive email chain.
  • Fix the MIME type for the PDF attachment on the email. This was stopping people from sharing documents over WhatsApp
  • Minor branding fixes. We are Mailsnapper, not “mail snapper”.
  • Put the timestamp on the PDF filename so people can email the documents to Dropbox like services if they choose to.

29th July 2019

Upgrade all our servers, infrastructure and docker containers to the latest Debian stable (Buster) with all the security patches applied.

21st July 2019

Overhauled look and feel that gives the app some personality over the original plain vanilla user interface we launched with. Some smaller bugs fixed too such as pagination and the About button not always launching an external safari instance outside of the iPhone app.

14th July 2019

Fix various bugs handling the correct rotation of images taken on Apple phones by inspecting the image metadata.

5th July 2019

Our application went live on the App Store! The biggest milestone in the projects life! It’s also the director’s birthday so a nice gift from Apple for us.

30th June 2019

We have submitted our application to the Apple app store and are excited to see it progress. Our initial offering is completely free for all users whilst we try and turn our MVP in the best product possible.